Family Portraits, Wells Beach

Every family has a unique personality and it usually doesn't take too long for them to reveal it to me in our session once we start shooting. While I always aim to get the pretty shots, I much prefer shooting the personalities of people who step in front of my lens.

This family was just so funny! They were all so comfortable with each other. They laughed and fooled around and they were so authentic.

Wells Beach Maine Photographer

Wells Beach Photographer

Even though our time together is short, I try to get to know my clients. I want our time together to feel much like spending time with a friend on the beach.

Drakes Island Maine Photographer

When my clients feel comfortable, they open up! I also have a few tricks up my sleeve for creating natural moments. They usually involve movement. For example: Walk this way, hold hands, then bring her in tight for a bear hug. These movements are based off of the movements you likely make every day together. They're natural and comfortable and they translate beautifully in camera.

Wells Beach Family Photographer Maine

For example for this shot I just had the couple sit in the sand and play with baby. It feels very natural doesn't it? I remember when my kids played with their feet- it was the sweetest thing and we captured that everyday moment just by being patient and letting it happen.

Wells Maine Family Photographer

These two laughed throughout much of our session which resulted in really joyful imagery.

Wells Maine Elopement Photographer

Wells Maine Engagement Photographer

Everyone needed a shot with the baby! <3

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