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Effortless Photography

As your photographer, that means I put thought into each detail. Even down to the equipment I choose. By only bringing what I need instead of lugging around extra stuff, I keep your experience relaxed and easy. That means I can go where you want, when you want.


The result is naturally beautiful images that reflect your personality and the heart behind your relationships. 

Your Experience

From the start my goal is to help you create the perfect setting and mood for your portrait session. 

That means granting you access to my wardrobe planning tool that can help you pair colors and patterns. 

We also plan our shoot for the time of the day will give us the best light. Soft and buttery evening light will give your images an incredible warm glow. 

Lastly, I direct you through our session in a way that will keep things fun, interesting and highlight your personalities. 

I carefully hand edit your images to bring out the best in them and provide gentle retouching for a polished finish. 

Lastly, together we can pick out incredible, heirloom-quality keepsakes that will be cherished for generations. 

Motherhood helped me rediscover photography.


I feel such joy documenting our family life. That's what led me to photography as a career.  I love sharing genuine images that represent real, messy, beautiful life.  

It's pure magic seeing your heart and soul depicted in photography. As is the way those same images can transport you back to the feeling and moment in time so many years later. 


That's my calling. 

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About the photographer.

How I spend my free time

You’ll find me in the Maine woods

Exploring in our pop-up “Old Campy”

Or curled up by the fire with a cup of tea

Enjoying the quiet season with my family


I live my life the same way I approach my photography... 

     simple, natural, not overly produced

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