Lupine Mini Session

I look forward to lupine season every year so I'm thrilled to have found a field of flowers close to my home in Wells. Driving by this location in southern Maine, you would never picture it as a nice spot for family photos but as soon as the golden light of sunset approaches it transforms into the perfect spot. Oh, my photographer soul is in heaven! Sadly these flowers are only around for a few weeks in early summer and they'll be gone before we know it. Luckily I have a few more chances to venture out in the lupine fields before they're gone. If you'd like to be notified of my Lupine Mini Sessions for June 2019, please message me to be added to my email notification list.

The light during the evening was constantly changing. There were passing clouds with gave us soft even light followed by harsh direct sunlight so we had to move around a bit throughout our session in order to consistent light but they were great sports!

How sweet is he here holding a flower for his momma?!

They really are a beautiful family- a delight to photograph and so easy going.

I love this photo because Oliver gave this big smile only after I handed him a flower which he then proceeded to drop on the ground. ( we played this game many times). I love that his mischivous personaly came through in this photo. He's just a charmer!

I was excited to deliver this session just in time for father's day. I'm sure they'll enjoy having a few images of dad and son on Sunday.

With every gallery I like to include non-posed images that just show our little people doing what they do. We dont' realize it in the moment, but these shots will be just as loved as the posed, smily images when they've grown up.

@2023 by Elizabeth Prybylo.  Wells, Maine